Bushel of Apples Dream Meaning

bushel of apples dream meaning

Have you ever had a dream where you came across bushels and bushels of fresh, ripe apples? This type of dream can have deeper symbolic meanings related to abundance, prosperity, temptation, fertility and more. Keep reading to learn what it might signify if you have a bushel of apples dream.

Symbolic Meaning of Apples

Before diving into bushel of apple dream interpretations, it helps to understand the key symbolic meanings associated with apples:

  • Abundance & Prosperity – Apples have long been seen as a symbol of abundance and prosperity. In many myths and legends, apple orchards represent wealth, fruitfulness and lush harvests.
  • Fertility & Femininity – The round shape and association with fruitfulness also give the apple ties to fertility and feminine energy.
  • Temptation – In Biblical stories, the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden is often depicted as an apple. This gives it a meaning connected to temptation.
  • Love & Romance – Due to their sweetness and association with feminine energy, apples also take on a meaning related to romance, love and emotional fulfillment.
  • Wisdom – The apple’s connection to teachers giving students apples links it to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

General Bushel of Apples Dream Meaning

General Bushel of Apples Dream Meaning

When you have a dream about discovering, picking, buying or selling bushels and bushels brimming with apples, the general dream meaning is typically positive. It signals abundance, prosperity, fulfillment and rewarding outcomes in some area of your waking life.

Seeing many bushels points to the magnitude or scope of the dream’s prosperity meaning. Rather than just receiving a single apple, seeing enough apples to fill several bushels represents major abundance and positive gains coming your way soon.

Here are some additional key points about the symbolic meaning behind bushels of apples dreams:

  • Abundance Across Areas of Life – While apple dreams often connect to financial windfalls or surges in prosperity, bushels of apples can point to abundant blessings across other areas too – fertile creative ideas, romantic opportunities, chances to expand your knowledge, deepening of friendships, etc.
  • Realizing Potential – A full bushel represents growth and realized potential. If you come across many full bushels in your dream it may reflect untapped talents or skills that will soon yield rewarding results in waking life.
  • Good Luck & Fortune – Like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, discovering overflowing bushels of ripe, delicious apples is an omen of good luck, fortune and beneficial happenings soon to materialize.

Now let’s explore some additional dream interpretations by looking at key details like where the apples come from, their condition, what you do with them, and who you encounter.

Picking Apples off Trees

Dreaming of picking apples right off of trees loaded with fruit relates to reaching your full potential. It’s a very positive sign reflecting personal growth into new levels of prosperity.

  • This dream often comes when you’re on the verge of breakthroughs in your career or relationships. It’s a signal that your efforts will soon pay off with major rewards if you keep nurturing your talents.
  • If the apples pick easily off the tree this symbolizes opportunities coming your way or ‘low hanging fruit’ ready for the taking.
  • If you have to work hard to pick the apples or climb high up in the trees it indicates you may still need to put in effort before the rewards fully ripen. Still a good omen though!

Fresh Ripe Apples

Dreaming of very fresh, ripe, unblemished apples reflects reaching a peak time of abundance, where your talents and skills produce meaningful results.

  • If you bite into a perfect ripe apple it signifies enjoying the sweet fruits of your labor – whether that be a promotion at work, selling your home for a large profit, publishing a book, or other important milestone.
  • Ripe apples ready to be picked represent the peak of possibility and prosperity. This dream comes when you’re poised to harvest the benefits of all your hard work and dedication.

Rotten Apples

If the apples are overripe, bruised, or rotten, it suggests something may interfere with fully realizing your potential. Some effort still needed in order to clear limitations or obstacles.

  • While not as positive as fresh apple dreams, even rotting apple dreams still point to prosperity and fulfillment being available if you are willing to realign things.
  • Examine what areas of your life feel like they are decaying or what talents feel underutilized. Then work to shift focus back to your core strengths.

Receiving Apple Baskets or Bushels

Dreaming of someone giving you baskets or bushels overflowing with apples is an extremely auspicious sign reflecting fortune and beneficial connections coming your way.

  • The person gifting the apples may represent an aspect of yourself, your untapped talents or skills that will yield prosperous results.
  • Or they may symbolize real life mentors, business partners, investors or those playing a role in upcoming career/financial upturns or personal windfalls.
  • Additional meaning can be taken from what the gift giver represents – lover for romance, boss for career boosts, close friend or family for deepening bonds and support.

Selling Apples

If your bushels of apples dream features you selling apples, it reflects using your skills to produce abundant earnings.

  • This is an entrepreneurial dream reflecting financial increase coming from putting talents, creativity or expertise into action in the marketplace.
  • It’s a sign of profits, success in business, and rich return coming from leveraging your gifts and hard work.
  • Selling many bushels of apples in a dream strongly points to major abundance and prosperity being available to you if keep pursuing new projects and opportunities.

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