Business Insider 8 Dream Meaning

business insider 8 dream meaning

Dreams can be mysterious, but understanding some of the symbolism behind common dreams can provide insight into what your subconscious is trying to tell you. This guide breaks down the meaning behind 8 dreams that many people experience.

Money Dreams

According to recent surveys, money is the most common theme in dreams. We tend to have money dreams when we’re worried about finances, wanting more financial success, or dealing with money conflicts in waking life. Here are some of the most common money dream interpretations:

  • Finding money: This represents positive financial gains or rewards coming your way. It’s a sign of prosperity and abundance entering your life soon.
  • Losing money: You may be feeling anxious about real life financial loss or setbacks. It’s a call to be more careful with how you manage money matters.
  • Borrowing money: You may be overextending yourself lately in some area of life. It’s time to scale back and focus only on necessities for a while.

Falling Dreams

Falling in a dream often represents feeling out of control or lacking stability in some waking situation. Other variations can mean:

  • Falling but not hitting the ground: You’re grappling with a tough situation, but you’ll ultimately land safely. It represents fear rather than imminent danger.
  • Falling and hitting the ground: You feel vulnerable in life right now. Your sense of security is shaken. It may indicate imposter syndrome thoughts or feelings of failure.
  • Falling from heights: This symbolizes that you feel unable to measure up to expectations. You may be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself lately to perform perfectly.

Being Chased Dreams

Being chased in dreams is one of the most universal dream themes. These dreams tend to crop up when we feel threatened, vulnerable, or out of control in some area of real life.

  • Being chased by people: You may be struggling with difficult personalities or feel unfairly judged lately. It could represent gossip, lies, or toxic people affecting you.
  • Being chased by an animal: This is often connected to primal instincts or ‘gut feelings’ you have about a situation that you feel threatened by in waking life. Pay attention to any intuitive hits.
  • Being chased but cannot move: You likely feel ‘stuck’ or paralyzed by fear in some challenging daily life situation. Once you face the fear, you can regain momentum.

Test Taking Dreams

It’s common to dream you’re back in school taking a test you aren’t prepared for. This represents feeling unsure or anxious about measuring up to high pressure in your waking life, whether at work, in relationships, financially, etc. Variations include:

  • Arriving late for the test: You may feel unprepared for a challenge you’re facing or that you lack knowledge needed to navigate a situation successfully right now.
  • Missing the test entirely: You have fears of missing out on important opportunities in your life or being left behind while others succeed.
  • Failing the test: This points to feelings of inadequacy or second-guessing your abilities. It’s often more about perception than actual inability though.

Being Naked In Public Dreams

Dreaming you’re naked in public is very common when you feel exposed or vulnerable about something in your waking life. Some variations include:

  • Realizing you’re naked in public: You feel like private thoughts, behaviors, or imperfections have been revealed publicly. It’s about feelings of embarrassment and shame.
  • Being naked but no one notices: While you may feel self-conscious, the dream reminds you that people are more accepting than you realize. It’s about releasing perfectionism.
  • Being naked and people laugh: You likely have deep fears of being harshly judged. But the dream calls you to embrace your authentic self anyway.

Cheating Dreams

When your dreams feature a partner cheating, it often represents something separate from real suspicions, instead tapping into:

  • Insecurity: You may subconsciously worry your partner will discover things about you that challenge their affection. But the dream is likely more about personal insecurities.
  • Communication breakdowns: The dream relationship reflects your real one – there may be distance, secrecy, resentment, or unresolved tensions needing addressed.
  • Self-blame: If you’re the one cheating, you could subconsciously feel guilty about failing your partner in some way in waking life.

Teeth Falling Out Dreams

This disconcerting dream often represents anxiety about a loss of power, control, or ability to perform or cope well in some area of your waking reality. Some examples include:

  • Losing teeth before a big speech: This reflects worries about seeming unprepared, ignorant, or embarrassing yourself in front of others.
  • Teeth crumbling in your hands: You may feel unable to hold things together or “keep it all together” in some challenging situation you’re facing lately.
  • Spitting teeth into your hand: You’re grappling with a choice to share or expose a failure or vulnerability weighing on you. You fear losing credibility.

Driving Dreams

Driving dreams have different interpretations based on context, but often relate to how you’re navigating through your life and progress towards goals. Some examples:

  • Driving out of control: You feel your real life is similarly veering off track, unpredictable, and chaotic right now. You want more direction and purpose.
  • Can’t find parking: You may feel frustrated by things in your life that block your path or stall momentum towards an important goal lately.
  • Car won’t start: You likely feel stuck and powerless to get something important moving in your career or relationships currently.

Understanding some of the symbolism behind why we dream what we dream can provide meaningful insights to reflect on. Pay attention to any patterns, especially around reoccurring anxiety-related dream topics. This can reveal areas of life calling for more growth, communication, or emotional healing.

Keep a dream journal to better understand connections between your dreams and waking life. Pay attention to emotions that linger after dreams too. Our dreams have an important message when we make the effort to decode their deeper meaning.

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